So if my calendar month and year is right, my baby will be 5 in about 2 and a half months. Wow. I have to sit back and take that all in.

If you told me at 20 that I would be sitting here at 30, planning my kid’s 5th birthday, I probably would have smacked you. Seriously. I thought that given my childhood, trust issues and impaired ability to attach to people would band together and make me a crappy Mother. Surprise surprise! I’m pretty good at it. My daughter is happy, well-behaved, compassionate, empathetic and we have managed to form an incredible bond. Being a Mom has come from being one of my biggest fears to one of my greatest accomplishments. I realize she isn’t a teenager yet and I’m sure there will be changes and we will butt heads, but I pray she ends up as happy-go-lucky as she is now. One can only hope.

As I sit and plan her party and reflect, I realize it has been quite a journey for me emotionally. A lot has gone on not directly involving her and at times I have felt like giving up, but I keep pressing on because of her. She doesn’t deserve a Mother who quits on her.

Planning her party will be fun for both of us. She has very specific opinions on what she wants, but she is also willing to compromise. I’m lucky, I know that. I’m looking forward to this..