Yesterday, the NY Mets started their season. After having to keep quiet during the opening ceremony and Gary Carter tribute, Mini was itching to be noisy. She was very patient letting me watch the entire game and spent most of it in her room playing (or so I thought). When the game was over (yay for the Mets win!!), Mini came down the stairs and said she had a surprise for me.

Uh-oh. Last time she said that, every toy she owned was all over her floor.

I went upstairs, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and walked into her room. NOTHING could prepare me for what I saw. It was clean! Everything was in the bins where it was supposed to be and all the bins were on the shelves. Her VHS and DVD shelf was straightened too! I was in complete shock as I hugged her and told her what a fantastic job she did. I guess the promise of a playdate with her friends if her room was clean was a big enough incentive. 🙂

Next up is a 10-day Spring Break. I echo Mini’s sentiments “Ten days? What am I supposed to DO?”