Well today was interesting already. I “slept in” this morning. By that, I mean I laid in bed pretending to sleep so I could hear Mini play. She came to check on me twice, but I closed my eyes and snored. Lucky she still falls for that 🙂

Her play is interesting. Her toys get into ‘danger’ and get ‘sad’ and she sings songs from her favorite shows to cheer them up. At one point, she was making jokes and I almost laughed out loud. I had to roll over and put my face in the pillow. She acts out her favorite shows and movies too. She has almost all the characters from Cars 2 and she can quote most of the movie. I hear her acting out the scenes and I love that she can retain so much. If only she could remember to use her indoor voice..

The weekend will be busy between teeball practice, a birthday party and Easter. All the prep work is being done today, so off I go!