WOOHOO! We made it through the week!

Mini is loving the getting-back-to-our-routine thing. She is so excited to see all her friends and her teachers again. To my shock, she even picked out her clothes for tomorrow already and promised to wake up the first time I call her. She can’t wait to tell them all about her teeball game. Speaking of teeball, the first game actually went kinda smoothly. Considering the league is pretty unkempt as a whole, we were expecting the opening festivities to be a nightmare. They weren’t that bad!

I got a bad sunburn being outside all day though 😦 Not happy about that one. I remembered to sunscreen the heck out of Mini, but forgot to protect myself. *FACEPALM*  I stopped on the way home and bought a travel size sunblock that I can keep in even my little purse.

Summer isn’t supposed to be here for another 2 months. What gives, Mother Nature??