A family member called me tonight to ask how Mini’s teeball game went on Wednesday. Last game was a tough one. Mini made a tiny mistake. No one made fun of her and most people didn’t see it, but I had to point it out to save further embarrassment (or so I thought).

My little girl is not extremely sensitive, until she gets embarrassed. She can trip, fall, bonk her knee or head at home and keep walking. If she is out, she books it to wherever I am (even if just a few feet away), hides her face in my chest and just cries. I just rub her back and tell her it’s ok, no one saw it, whatever truth I need to just to get her back to having fun.

Well, at her last game, Mini went to bat, rounded the bases and came back to the dugout for some high-fives. I thought she had gone to put her helmet down while a few of her teammates went to bat. Nope. She put her glove and hat back on and started to walk out onto the field. Between the first two games, a bunch of the kids from both teams had done this. I tried to call her back as quietly as possible. I cleared my throat, went up to the fence and kept calling her. When she looked at me, I said “Babe your team is still batting. Come sit with me a minute.” She got this deer-in-headlights look on her face and I knew what was coming. She barely made it back to me when the tears started. I. Felt. Horrible! A few other parents (none of the kids) had seen it and tried to reassure her everyone did it at least once. I thanked them, but there was no stopping this one.

The flood gates opened and she started going into hysterics. She was shaking like a leaf! I finally got her calmed down as her team took the field. Her eyes were all red and her face was a bit blotchy, but she seemed okay. She went near one of her coaches, who leaned down and asked if she was okay. The flood gates opened back up. I saw the shoulders going and my sister said “Uh-oh. I think she’s done.” I saw the coach look worried, so I went around the backstop and called the coach over. I explained what happened and she turned said “She told me she couldn’t breathe.” I explained Mini gets very sensitive when she goes into hysterics and has a hard time calming down. She turns to Mini and says, “Oh Sweetheart, everyone does that! It’s okay. Come on, let’s go back out on the field.”

She was fine the rest of the game, but wow. There are times when I feel absolutely helpless and that was one of them.