Mini’s game ended after the 2nd inning due to rain so we were home earlier than we thought. We turned on the news (of course!) and they were doing a blurb on a person who was turning 100.

Mini turns to me: “Mom, do I know anyone who is 100?”

Me: “No, Baby. Nanny will be 90 this year so she will be 100 in 10 years.”

Mini: “TEN YEARS?? Wow! That’s a long time! How old will I be?”

Me: “Let’s add. Five (why not?) plus 10..”

We add it up to 15.

Mini: “15! Wow.” She takes a second to mull it over. “Mommy, will I have kids then?”

I choked on my sandwich! “Oh, Baby. I sure hope not!”

Yikes! After my blood pressure returned to normal and my pulse slowed, I got her ready for bed. I can’t imagine why she would ask such a question though. It was a little puzzling..