We went from being in a ‘severe drought’ to rain every other day. Another cancelled teeball game today saved us from a 3-game week. Of course, this means there will most likely be three games a week for the next two weeks (ugh!). Mini was disappointed, but was content to relax, watch her shows and eat dinner at a normal hour.

As we were watching the news, they flashed to the wild fires that happened nearby a few weeks ago. Apparently, they are investigating it as arson. Mini asked why it was on the news again and I told her that the police think that someone set the fires on purpose.

Her eyes got very wide and she asked, “Why would someone do that?”

I had no real answer so I just said, “I don’t know, Babe. They’re crazy!”

She says, “That is so mean. People are so mean sometimes.”

Yup. Pretty much. We then got into a discussion as to why it rains so much. “I want to be outside and rain means I have to stay inside.” So we talk about the rain and I ask her why she thinks it rains. “I need puddles to jump in. You need puddles to drive in and splash water all over the car.” Umm yeah I don’t do that (wink wink).