One great thing about having a school-aged child is all the cool projects they bring home. One particular Mother’s Day project has me cracking up and thinking at the same time. It was a fill-in paragraph where the teacher fills in the children’s answers describing their Mom. Name, age, eye color, hair color, what we like to eat and do, their favorite thing to do with us. Here are her results:

“What is your Mom’s name?”  Mommy.

Funny. If they had asked her what my nickname was, she would have said “Tina”.

“Hair color”  Pink

WHAT? Umm.. I guess blonde is the new pink?

“Eye color”  Brown.

Nope. They’re blue, like HERS!

“Mom’s Age” 30.

THAT she gets right?!

“Mom likes to eat” Chicken.

True story! I love my chicken and cook it a ton of different ways.

“She likes to” play with me.

Of course I do! One of my greatest joys is spending time with my Mini 🙂

Then there was a drawing of me.. with the brown eyes and pink hair! She does love to be funny and make people laugh so I decided to ask her about it. “So, if Mommy and Daddy BOTH have brown eyes, where did you get your BLUE eyes from?”

She laughs again, mulls it over and says “Grandpa W.”

HAHAHAHA.. Wait. What? Back up the truck! To her, it was simple. Grandpa is a family member with blue eyes..

Don’t think it escaped me that she knew HE had blue eyes and not me though! 😉

As sweet a sentiment as that was, it is genetically impossible. Yes, her Grandpa is my Dad, but we are not biologically related. I’m adopted. I thought I would have more time to have that “This is why you have 3 Grandpas, 3 Grandmas and why Mommy has a memorial tattoo that reads ‘Mom’ on her arm…” conversation. I think I might have to prepare that talk a little bit sooner than expected. It is hard enough explaining the situation to an adult, but a child? I hope I have the right words for her when she finally asks.