When I told my Mom that Mini wanted to have a pinata at her class birthday party, she got the brilliantly ambitious idea that we should make it. I am kinda crafty and she is very creative so we thought we had this in the bag. I googled. We watched 2 videos online and she printed out directions.

We arrived at her house, mixed the plaster and ripped the paper. Mini didn’t like the consistency of it and made faces (HA!) but she humored us and continued. The balloon we had blown up started to tip so I was holding it, leaning over the table. We went to town.

Top? Covered. Left side? Covered. Right side? POP!!

Yup. Our project literally blew up in my face. I had plaster ALL OVER ME! I had spots all over my face and hair. My shirt looked speckled. Mini got some on her face and in hair too. Mom and her friend, who was there to help had it on their shirts too. We just sat there a second, me with my hands still out, Mom and Mini with coated paper in their mid-air hands, Mom’s friend mid-rip on the paper strips.

“You priced these in the store, you say?” Mom asks me. We cracked up! Can’t say we didn’t try. We gave it a good, solid effort but I guess the party store will be hearing from us soon 😉