..Must come to an end. So it is with teeball. Mini’s game is next Wednesday and it appears to be bittersweet. I will NOT miss lugging equipment around, that’s for sure. Mini is going to miss being able to play a sport she loves with kids her own age. I will miss watching her though. She comes alive on the ball field. Yes, she is rowdy and boisterous at home, but usually quiet, shy and reserved when we’re out. I have watched her mature this season, as a player and as a person as well.

Mini’s class had their Field Day as well today. One of the relay races they did was use a hippity-hop down and around a cone then back. You could definitely tell who has one at home and who is a newbie at it. Mini is a pro. She is always hopping around. Several nights, I have had to let the air out of her hopper to get her to go to bed!

The summer should be interesting. Several play dates have already been planned and Mini’s birthday party is coming next weekend. So exciting!