It’s Sunday night, well technically Monday morning (12:30 am) but I kind of wish it was Friday already. Next weekend is Mini’s party and BBQ. We’re in the planning home stretch and some things are falling apart. I know they will come back together, but it sucks this is happening now.

Mini is looking forward to everything though. She has been helping with all the planning and even cleaning, too. Crazy little girl actually LIKES to clean! If she wasn’t my carbon copy, I would wonder if we were related. 🙂

My mother-in-law is in all week. Oh joy. Really, we need a sarcasm font. FIL will be joining us on Saturday, I think. He will miss Mini’s last game, but that’s whatever. I don’t care at this point. It’s his loss.

Another busy week is coming our way. I always said busy was good. What was I thinking???