Well the second coat of paint didn’t go up Saturday. My hopes were set a little too high for that one. The baseboard and moulding have been painted to match the dark pink in the closet. If we have enough paint, we are going to do the back of her door. I am considering painting it with the chalkboard paint we are using for the desk…

Decisions, decisions.

Mini picked out a sheer black sparkly curtain to use as a closet ‘door’ and these dark pink curtains with faux fur valances for the windows. Since it is a drastic change from what it was, I keep asking her a ton of times if she is sure. She is not only sure, she is crazy excited! Her excitement is contagious and we use it to keep us going during this longer-than-we-thought-it-would-take project..

She is still enjoying sleeping on the floor in our room. It might be the AC unit 😉