I am surrounded by pink, purple and black things!

All the new decorations are in and Mini is getting more excited. From curtains to magnet boards to new sheets, it all seems to be the same color scheme. Since I took Mini over to see her cousin today, we kinda lost this afternoon so the painting will be (FINALLY) finished tomorrow! The desk will be cleaned and the bed frame will be painted too.

We might be having family over for the holiday and I’m sure they would love to chip in and help put it all together. Two of my younger sisters came over to hang out and they loved the room color as well. Mini again raved at how she loved being on our floor but I know she is just trying to make a tense situation better. I love her for it though 🙂

Tomorrow morning, we are off to the Aquarium with two of Mini’s besties she hasn’t seen since school let out. She is so excited to finally be able to hang out with them!