Since we spent the majority of the day at the Aquarium, I found it completely understandable Mini would want to watch “Finding Nemo” when we got home. The local aquarium has 4 large tanks with only 2 clownfish in them. Mini always tries to find Nemo. This time, we couldn’t.

The most exciting part of the day was watching a shark dive. You get to get all wet-suited up with scuba gear then put in the cage with the trainers. They lower you slowly, bit by bit, until you are fully submerged. You are now face-to-face with the sharks and fishes in the main tank. It costs big bucks, but to some people it’s worth it.

We were content to watch.

The sea lion show was cute, but we were sweltering outside sitting on the concrete. As long as the kids have fun, it’s all worth it right?

Mini’s room is coming along nicely. The second coat of wall paint went up, the bed was painted and the desk is starting to come together. So exciting!

A little while after Mini fell asleep, I heard her whisper “Nemo” in her sleep. I guess she is still trying to find him 🙂