I can not believe we are in August already! Back to school signs are everywhere. We got a list from Mini’s school and on the bottom of the list was a note saying each teacher will ask for additional items specific to their classroom.


I read and reread that line over and over. So to add up, my Kindergarten child will need almost $100 of school supplies PLUS additional stuff? I don’t remember my parents spending that much until we were older and all needed 3- and 5-subject notebooks, folders and a binder for each and every class. Let’s not forget that there is no cafeteria, so we need to add a lunch bag and supplies for that into the cost.

That settles it. Mini needs to get herself a job!

I kid, of course. Mini is looking forward to everything. She knows we are going backpack and lunch bag shopping. She has picked out her notebooks and pencils. We also received some money from an unexpected place. It is enough to finish Mini’s room by purchasing an air conditioner! I will finally have my area back! My closet won’t be blocked and I can finally stop living out of a laundry basket and suitcase! *insert hallelujah chorus here*

Yay for FINALLY finishing my summer project and yay for a busy weekend ahead!