Well, it was time for our annual haircuts. I know I should cut my hair more than once a year and I promised myself I would do better this time… My haircut went off without a hitch. My hair is a lot longer straight than how I usually wear it (hello ponytail!) so I was a bit shocked how it came out. It was all good though.

Two days later, it was Mini’s turn. She was excited and babbled on and on about it to anyone that would listen. We got to the salon and she hopped in the shampoo chair.

The water started.


This was beyond a normal “oh you scared me” type thing. She grabbed my shirt causing me to almost lose my balance. She started crying her eyes out and I got annoyed. I hadn’t even brushed her hair that morning because the ends were so split and knotted, it was impossible to get a brush through. I pushed her back in the chair and told her to relax, completely embarrassed at how she was carrying on. She ended up skipping the wash and the guy had to cut her hair dry.

She eventually let him use the spray bottle to wet it down to make sure it was cut evenly. Her hair was so split and frizzy from the humidity, it was impossible to tell without wetting it. Finally, the haircut was done and Mini hopped off the chair. Maybe once a year isn’t such a bad idea after all…