I know what the date it is. Every time I open my computer or look at my cell phone, the date is right there. Today, it really hit me what the date was. School is in less than 3 weeks and I haven’t scheduled Mini’s physical.

*facepalm* Parenting fail.

I called the office and asked for an appointment any time next week. The receptionist said there was nothing but she would call me if they could squeeze me in. I left my number with my maiden name. Mini’s doc is actually my old doc. Sometimes throwing my name in there greases the wheels a bit.

It worked!

They called back and scheduled for next week. YAY! It’s at night after the bank in the building closes so hopefully parking won’t be the colossal problem it usually is. Mini needs shots which she is not happy about, but she knows she needs them. She takes shots like a champ though. My sister used to throw raging fits if she needed shots. Seriously, she was a nightmare. Doc still remembers it and laughs about it now.

Now to get the pictures and thank you’s out from Mini’s birthday (which was two months ago now).

Another *facepalm*. Another parenting fail.

Way to wait til the last minute, huh? I should probably mention her school supply list is still sitting on my desk..