The greatest parenting advice I ever got was: Don’t blink. Life passes by so quickly. In the blink of an eye, it’s three days later and you’re wondering where your time went.


I took Mini to have her birthday pics done today. Her birthday was in June. Yup, parenting fail. Oh, well. Anyways, I got her dressed, did her hair, picked out her jewelry then headed off to Target. I helped the photographer pose her and told her to relax. We had a great time. Mini is such a natural (get that kid an agent!) and so easy to photograph. I poured through the pics and ordered what we needed.

We went out to lunch and got home. It was like a normal day when we had errands to run, except Mini was in a dress (she humors me but she’s not a real fan). I get the email saying the proofs were available online. I start browsing. It hits me: She looks so grown up! She’s only 5, but wow! My baby-faced, well, BABY was there right in front of me in all her grown-up glory.. My eyes filled with tears as I slowly started clicking through those pics. Again and again, my little baby, all grown up.

Where did the time go?? How do I get it back? 😦