The bus will pick us up around 11am at Mini’s bus stop. Yes, I say us. I get to go with her. Whether this will make me feel better or worse is yet to be seen but here’s hoping… We will be picked up in order then head to the school. They will exit the children through the front door as well as if it were a fire drill and go over bus safety. The bus will then take us back home.

At 1pm, we return to school to….


After the bus drops us off at home, we have a little wait (will probably grab a snack or lunch) then we go back to the school. We received her room and teacher assignment last week. We will be able to take her to her room, walk around with her and meet her teachers (teacher and assistant). I checked the school’s website and the teacher wasn’t listed on it last year. Either she is new to teaching or is a transfer from another school.

I am not sure how I will feel tomorrow, but Mini is so excited to be starting this new adventure!