Not only did I survive Mini’s first week of school, I made it through the weekend of cleaning and a family party as well! YAY ME!

Mini absolutely loves her classmates. None of her Pre-K friends are with her, which she was upset about, but she has already made a new friend (figures it’s a boy!) and at least she gets to ride the bus with one of her BFFs. Speaking of the bus, the bus ride was interesting. I finished high school in 2000 and haven’t been on a bus since 1999 so it was just weird. I remember those seats being so much bigger! By the time the bus dropped us back off, we had been on the bus for almost 45 minutes. My knee was SCREAMING at me! I guess my body aged a lot more in 12 years than I thought!

Meeting the teacher was interesting as well. She handed us a packet of paperwork to fill out (surprise surprise) so I stood there leaning on a shelf, writing away as Mini and her Father explored the classroom. There was a whole personality questionnaire and more emergency card info (umm HELLO I already filled FOUR of those out!) plus a few random papers. Geez, it’s Kindergarten not College for pete’s sake!

As I walked Mini down to the bus stop on Wednesday, I busied myself taking pictures and ignoring what was really happening. I put her on the bus, watched her sit down (at least I think it was her.. hard to tell through the tinted windows!) and waved good-bye as the bus drove off. I went home and sat on the couch. It was quiet. Very, very quiet!

I kept busy by cleaning and catching up on a show all morning, but then it was lunch time. I made lunch and yelled for Mini to see what she wanted. It took me a minute to realize ‘DUH she’s not here’. I sat down to eat lunch, alone and in quiet. I can’t remember the last time I had lunch by myself. After I finished, I sat on the couch again. I felt extremely sad and alone. It all finally hit me and I got mad that I felt that way, the proceeded to cry my eyes out because I was mad.

What is wrong with me? was all I could think.

I handled it better Thursday and Friday. Nope, that’s a lie. I was so sad and depressed, I ended up napping all afternoon both days. I never thought I would be one of those Mothers, but here I am..

I plan on having a more productive week this coming week. There are some things that need to get done and my birthday is Tuesday, so hopefully that will distract me a little. Here’s hoping..