… Back to School Night, Meet the Teachers Night, whatever you call it.

It’s the night when you get to go to your child’s classroom, meet their teacher (again, maybe) and listen in on all the exciting or ridiculous things your precious cargo will be doing all year. My daughter is only in Kindergarten this year, so it’s my second OSN.

I have to say, I love it! I had such crazy fears going into this whole full-time school bit. Hearing how busy they will be kept all day and dreaming about how tired my Mini was going to be at night got me jazzed. I was giddy with the prospect of having a tired child who would welcome sleep, peacefully.

The truth is she comes home tired and cranky, basically a miniature emotional tornado. It’s like she’s PMSing at random times, but all the time! Some nights, she wants to stay up and I have to remind her she needs to go to sleep. She will say okay then pretend to sleep if I check on her. Two hours later, as I’m ready for sleep, she is in my face asking for something stupid or random. She is clearly exhausted (rings around her eyes are a complete give-away) and is somewhat loopy, like a drunk. I send her back to bed, but then am forced to stay awake until she falls asleep. Amazingly, I have been able to survive on 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Survive? Yes. Live? No. My crazy sleep schedule has made me sick. I’ve been fighting this stupid thing for well over a week. Ugh!

But anyways.. Open School Night was a little bit of an eye-opener though. They are already 3 words in on the Star/Sight Word Chart. They have reviewed 5 letters and 3 numbers. In a few weeks, they will be having spelling tests on their Star Words. The amount of stuff covered in our Parent Packet was mind-boggling. Homework. Every night. Three pages of it, too. One is name-practice. Next, a math worksheet. Third, another random ditto. Some nights, it’s extra math and other times it’s something kinda fun with coloring.


Yup. This is what they are doing in K. They wonder why kids are suffering from educational burnout by 4th grade and acting crazy by Middle School. DUH!!