It has been a pretty long time since my last post. Things have been happening. October was super busy. Every time I turned around, something else was happening. Birthdays, anniversaries, school events, storms..

What slowed me down? Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy blew through and left us without power for the week. Mini loved it because she was able to spend 3 days at her grandparents’ house. She was ecstatic! It got me thinking. By the time I was Mini’s age, I had seen Hurricane Gloria. That’s about it. In the past 2 years, Mini has seen 2 major hurricanes (Irene and Sandy- both caused 5 day power losses), an earthquake, a tornado across the highway, major flooding around us, wildfires on tv.. the list goes on. It’s mind-boggling. Call it whatever you want. I just call it nuts!

Finally, the schools opened again yesterday after a week and a half break due to the storm and power outages.


We get a nor’easter/blizzard. True story! Check the news. It’s nuts! We go from hurricane to snow. I don’t know what Mother Nature is thinking lately. I’m pretty sure she woke up one morning and just decided to screw with us. As we are watching the snow fall yesterday, we get a call saying they had a 2-hour delay today. Guess they were determined not to have to close another day.

Mini could not have been happier. Her logic? “It’s snowing? It’s Christmas!” She was chanting Christmas all afternoon/evening. When her Father called from work before she went to bed, she wished him a “Happy Christmas time Daddy!” She cracks me up.

Now for some good news. Caution: Bragging Alert!!


This will be her first academic award and let me tell you.. It is well deserved! She is getting a “Student of the Month” award for exhibiting the character trait “Respect”. I could not be prouder. She has been bullied several times so far this school year. Aside from the lunch box fiasco I posted about earlier, two other incidents have happened and the fact that she kept her cool and didn’t deck these two kids is proof she deserves this award.

Incident 1: I get a call from the principal in the middle of the day informing me Mini will be coming home with “2 little scratches” on her neck. She got into a dust-up with a child on the playground. It wasn’t her fault. The other kid attacked her. She came home with multiple scratches all over her neck. Apparently this child grabbed the back of her neck and dragged his nails all the way around to the front. I took pics of the scratches they were that bad..

Incident 2: There is a child with an anger issue in her class. There are 3 tiers of punishment: verbal warning, note home, and principal. By open school night, this kid had been to the principal twice. I know right? Well anyways.. The class is leaving gym one day and this kid just randomly shoves Mini into the wall. He wanted her spot on line (she wasn’t even in front) so he shoved her out of the way.

When she was explaining these two incidents to me, I wanted to cry. I will never get why kids act this way at their age. Hasn’t anyone taught them better? All this is why my baby deserves her award!

Go Mini! Mommy will always be your biggest fan!!