I’m more than a little pissed about this. It seems Hurricane Sandy continues to screw with us. Now they are cutting our school vacations.


Some districts have even cut Christmas break. Our district hasn’t done that but they did cut February break. It is now a 4-day weekend. They have also taken away the Friday and Tuesday around Memorial Day. If we use any snow days at all, April break will be cut day-by-day. So basically, if we use over a week worth of snow days, there will be no breaks for 6 months.


Since the state declared a state of emergency, the schools are not required to make up days lost. Some are crying there will be less preparing for state tests. Since they are state tests, will it even be an idea to push back the dates to make sure students have enough time to study? Doubtful.

I can’t afford to take a vacation, but I know others who have already booked vacations during those weeks. Mini’s out-of-state grandparents only come in during school vacations, so their visits would be cut short. Let’s not forget that the little ones, the Kindergarteners like Mini, need a break not just a few random 4-day weekends.

Ugh. It upsets me that this is happening, but I guess we have no choice.