The holidays came and went. I was sick for almost the entire month of December.  😦

I missed so many events at Mini’s school. She was very understanding, but I felt horrible. This past week, there was another event. It was called “Welcome to NY”. During their gym class, the K’ers got to learn all about our awesome state. I didn’t even know we had our own insect (ladybug, fyi) but apparently we do. There were different activities that had to do with all the parts and facts about NY as well.

I went on Tuesday and had a blast. Mini rode a scooter, played ‘baseball’, bowled and fired a slingshot. She was disappointed I wasn’t coming back to class with her, but I told her I was only there for gym.

Fast forward to Friday and again, it’s gym day. As I pulled Mini’s hair back into a ponytail, I told her I would be coming to her gym class again. She was so excited and held my face when she kissed me goodbye. I love when she does that!

She got on the bus a few minutes before 9. I got to gym class around 10:45. The people were asking the class questions about NY and Mini smiled when I came in. When the kids were dismissed to go to their games, Mini grabbed my leg and led me towards the fishing game. She looked up at me and smiled.

She looked like she was going to cry and her eye looked bloodshot. WHAT?! It didn’t look like that this morning! Upon closer inspection, there was a pussy discharge in the corner of her eye. Oh no. Another mother (whose son was probably responsible for this right now because he and Mini are an “item” lol) confirmed it…

Pink eye.

Her teacher had happened to be walking by the gym just then, so I spoke to her. She took Mini to the nurse and then packed up her stuff. I felt horrible. I didn’t want Mini to miss the special gym time and I felt bad I was leaving these people with one less Mom, but I had to get Mini out of there. Pink eye has gone through that classroom several times, but this is the first time Mini got it.

A trip to the doc revealed not only the pink eye, but also a perforated ear drum. Fun fun fun! I told Mini that next time I catch her with a q-tip in her ear, she was in trouble! Eye drops and a script for amoxicillin followed. What a great way to start the weekend.

I’m so happy it happened on a day I was there! I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been if she was in school the rest of the day, or if any of the kids would have gotten it again. The teacher assistant said she had it a few times too. I’m also happy it was a Friday so no work would be missed.

Tomorrow is a day off and Mini is all set to go back to school Tuesday. So much for everything I wanted to get done..

Ah motherhood. I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂