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Don’t Blink!

The greatest parenting advice I ever got was: Don’t blink. Life passes by so quickly. In the blink of an eye, it’s three days later and you’re wondering where your time went.


I took Mini to have her birthday pics done today. Her birthday was in June. Yup, parenting fail. Oh, well. Anyways, I got her dressed, did her hair, picked out her jewelry then headed off to Target. I helped the photographer pose her and told her to relax. We had a great time. Mini is such a natural (get that kid an agent!) and so easy to photograph. I poured through the pics and ordered what we needed.

We went out to lunch and got home. It was like a normal day when we had errands to run, except Mini was in a dress (she humors me but she’s not a real fan). I get the email saying the proofs were available online. I start browsing. It hits me: She looks so grown up! She’s only 5, but wow! My baby-faced, well, BABY was there right in front of me in all her grown-up glory.. My eyes filled with tears as I slowly started clicking through those pics. Again and again, my little baby, all grown up.

Where did the time go?? How do I get it back? 😦

Wait Til The Last Minute

I know what the date it is. Every time I open my computer or look at my cell phone, the date is right there. Today, it really hit me what the date was. School is in less than 3 weeks and I haven’t scheduled Mini’s physical.

*facepalm* Parenting fail.

I called the office and asked for an appointment any time next week. The receptionist said there was nothing but she would call me if they could squeeze me in. I left my number with my maiden name. Mini’s doc is actually my old doc. Sometimes throwing my name in there greases the wheels a bit.

It worked!

They called back and scheduled for next week. YAY! It’s at night after the bank in the building closes so hopefully parking won’t be the colossal problem it usually is. Mini needs shots which she is not happy about, but she knows she needs them. She takes shots like a champ though. My sister used to throw raging fits if she needed shots. Seriously, she was a nightmare. Doc still remembers it and laughs about it now.

Now to get the pictures and thank you’s out from Mini’s birthday (which was two months ago now).

Another *facepalm*. Another parenting fail.

Way to wait til the last minute, huh? I should probably mention her school supply list is still sitting on my desk..

A Much-Needed Haircut

Well, it was time for our annual haircuts. I know I should cut my hair more than once a year and I promised myself I would do better this time… My haircut went off without a hitch. My hair is a lot longer straight than how I usually wear it (hello ponytail!) so I was a bit shocked how it came out. It was all good though.

Two days later, it was Mini’s turn. She was excited and babbled on and on about it to anyone that would listen. We got to the salon and she hopped in the shampoo chair.

The water started.


This was beyond a normal “oh you scared me” type thing. She grabbed my shirt causing me to almost lose my balance. She started crying her eyes out and I got annoyed. I hadn’t even brushed her hair that morning because the ends were so split and knotted, it was impossible to get a brush through. I pushed her back in the chair and told her to relax, completely embarrassed at how she was carrying on. She ended up skipping the wash and the guy had to cut her hair dry.

She eventually let him use the spray bottle to wet it down to make sure it was cut evenly. Her hair was so split and frizzy from the humidity, it was impossible to tell without wetting it. Finally, the haircut was done and Mini hopped off the chair. Maybe once a year isn’t such a bad idea after all…

Summer Is Flying By!

I can not believe we are in August already! Back to school signs are everywhere. We got a list from Mini’s school and on the bottom of the list was a note saying each teacher will ask for additional items specific to their classroom.


I read and reread that line over and over. So to add up, my Kindergarten child will need almost $100 of school supplies PLUS additional stuff? I don’t remember my parents spending that much until we were older and all needed 3- and 5-subject notebooks, folders and a binder for each and every class. Let’s not forget that there is no cafeteria, so we need to add a lunch bag and supplies for that into the cost.

That settles it. Mini needs to get herself a job!

I kid, of course. Mini is looking forward to everything. She knows we are going backpack and lunch bag shopping. She has picked out her notebooks and pencils. We also received some money from an unexpected place. It is enough to finish Mini’s room by purchasing an air conditioner! I will finally have my area back! My closet won’t be blocked and I can finally stop living out of a laundry basket and suitcase! *insert hallelujah chorus here*

Yay for FINALLY finishing my summer project and yay for a busy weekend ahead!

Finding Nemo

Since we spent the majority of the day at the Aquarium, I found it completely understandable Mini would want to watch “Finding Nemo” when we got home. The local aquarium has 4 large tanks with only 2 clownfish in them. Mini always tries to find Nemo. This time, we couldn’t.

The most exciting part of the day was watching a shark dive. You get to get all wet-suited up with scuba gear then put in the cage with the trainers. They lower you slowly, bit by bit, until you are fully submerged. You are now face-to-face with the sharks and fishes in the main tank. It costs big bucks, but to some people it’s worth it.

We were content to watch.

The sea lion show was cute, but we were sweltering outside sitting on the concrete. As long as the kids have fun, it’s all worth it right?

Mini’s room is coming along nicely. The second coat of wall paint went up, the bed was painted and the desk is starting to come together. So exciting!

A little while after Mini fell asleep, I heard her whisper “Nemo” in her sleep. I guess she is still trying to find him 🙂

I am surrounded by pink, purple and black things!

All the new decorations are in and Mini is getting more excited. From curtains to magnet boards to new sheets, it all seems to be the same color scheme. Since I took Mini over to see her cousin today, we kinda lost this afternoon so the painting will be (FINALLY) finished tomorrow! The desk will be cleaned and the bed frame will be painted too.

We might be having family over for the holiday and I’m sure they would love to chip in and help put it all together. Two of my younger sisters came over to hang out and they loved the room color as well. Mini again raved at how she loved being on our floor but I know she is just trying to make a tense situation better. I love her for it though 🙂

Tomorrow morning, we are off to the Aquarium with two of Mini’s besties she hasn’t seen since school let out. She is so excited to finally be able to hang out with them!

Still Painting…

Well the second coat of paint didn’t go up Saturday. My hopes were set a little too high for that one. The baseboard and moulding have been painted to match the dark pink in the closet. If we have enough paint, we are going to do the back of her door. I am considering painting it with the chalkboard paint we are using for the desk…

Decisions, decisions.

Mini picked out a sheer black sparkly curtain to use as a closet ‘door’ and these dark pink curtains with faux fur valances for the windows. Since it is a drastic change from what it was, I keep asking her a ton of times if she is sure. She is not only sure, she is crazy excited! Her excitement is contagious and we use it to keep us going during this longer-than-we-thought-it-would-take project..

She is still enjoying sleeping on the floor in our room. It might be the AC unit 😉

Time For A Change

Since we moved into our house last September, Mini has been asking us to change her room. She has been asking for a desk most of all, but really wanted the walls a different color. The room was yellow with a beige carpet. I tried my best to brighten it up with colorful sheets and bins for her toys. She just turned 5 and informed me she is more mature now and wants a more grown-up room.


I have been gathering ideas on Pinterest for months! I know what I am going to do. I discussed all my plans with her and she loved every single one. She was ecstatic we let her pick out the paint colors. Her room was going to be a shade of purple and her closet, a shade of pink. The first coat of paint went up this morning. It turns out it’s kind of a plum purple. I think it’s dark but Mini loves it! The closet is also a dark pink. I have to see how dark this all comes out before we discuss the mouldings, window frames and door.

The second coat will go up Saturday before my Grandma’s 90th birthday party. The shelving will go into the closet Sunday as well as all the bins being put in. The desk will take a little longer. There is a bit that needs to go into it.

The best thing about all this is that with all the money Mini got for her birthday, it will be a minimal cost to us to do all this!

We’re all so excited to see this!

June. Was. CRAZY!

I’m kind of glad this month is almost over. It got pretty crazy there for a while. I felt like I was living someone else’s life at times.

Mini’s birthday weekend was fraught with drama. My in-laws wouldn’t leave me alone! Every time I turned around, they were pestering me with something stupid. From the last teeball game Friday night to Saturday’s party with her classmates to the big Sunday bbq, it just didn’t stop. My blood pressure was through the roof. I had to wear pants the whole weekend to cover my swollen ankles. It continued until they left Wednesday as well. I tried to do everything I could to pacify them, but I had a lot to do and no time for their stupid drama. I would keep taking deep breaths and saying it was all about Mini, not them.

I ran out of time to do a lot of things I wanted to do. I had to accomplish 6 hours worth of work in 30 minutes. I thank heaven for my family. They helped out a TON! To everyone else who was in the dark, the parties went off ‘without a hitch’ so that made me feel better. Mini was even willing to help with party prep, well at least until her friends got there. I expected that though..

It is sad when you try to do everything you can for your child and someone always has to try and make it about them. It’s maddening! I try to write it off and say “that’s who they are” but it somehow does not make the situation easier.

The party is done and over, the thank yous are being sent tomorrow and I can put the whole thing behind me. Summer vacation started out with a bang. Well, more like a clap. We had pretty bad thunderstorms this morning then again this afternoon. Mini loves storms though 🙂

After re-reading, it seems this post is a bit all over the place. I guess I should have split it into a few and gone into more detail. I guess I can still do that..

With Mini’s party fast-approaching, we use every opportunity we can get to pick up extra supplies. Monday was one of those days. Our local dollar store is in a shopping center with a pet store and Mini loves to look at the gerbils and guinea pigs. We went in, looked at the animals then made our way to the other store. We grab a cart and I reiterate what we are there for (ie. don’t ask me for anything extra!) and start walking.

Then we see her. A woman was lying on the floor, shaking and convulsing. She was having a seizure. It stopped Mini in her tracks. While the shop owner called for an ambulance, we went shopping. Mini was chatty at times, but quieter than usual. She was excited about her party, but clearly something was distracting her. As we made our way back to the front of the store, the woman who had been on the floor was up and complaining of a headache, but left the store.

Mini browsed through the register items (rings, pens, typical dollar store stuff) and we started to pay. There was a commotion out front as we gathered our bags to leave. The woman was on the ground in the parking lot, surrounded by two cop cars, seizing yet again. I started for the car but Mini stopped and stared. She looked a bit upset as the officers grabbed the lady before she rolled under a parked car. She gasped as they stuck their foot out to keep the woman’s head from hitting the ground. I tried as best I could to explain what was going on and she seemed alright as I loaded her into the car.

Halfway home, the tiny voice came from my backseat, “Mommy, am I going to have a seizure? Mommy is that lady going to die?” My heart broke. I fought tears as I explained that no, there was nothing medically wrong with her and told her there is something wrong with the woman we saw. I then said no again because the EMTs were there to help her. They were going to bring her to the hospital and make sure she was okay.

She didn’t mention it to me again, but said something to her Gma, who was visiting. “This lady was shaking!” Uh-oh. Nothing was mentioned after that though. However, I rolled over in my bed at 6am only to be met with a mop of blonde hair. Mini hasn’t crawled into bed with me since before she was 3 (over 2 years ago). I woke her up for school and she made some excuse about how it was cooler in my room than hers. I asked her if that was it and she hesitated before admitting she had a nightmare about the lady. All I could do was hug her. My poor baby. I again explained what had happened then we got ready for the day.

I felt the need to have a word with her teacher in case she brought it up in class. The teacher was compassionate and even offered me some advice and support. I texted a few family members. My Mom told me “You stay calm and she will be calm. Dreams are a natural way of working through stress.” Everyone has been so supportive.

Without getting into my whole history.. By the time I was Mini’s age, I had seen way more than any child ever should. As a Mother now, I want to protect her from.. well.. everything! This was an eye-opening reminder that I can’t always protect her. She is going to go through things that I can’t help her with and I am going to just have to be supportive and teach her whenever the opportunity arises. Truth be told, it’s harder being strong for Mini than it is for myself. I want to cry with her and then shield her from everything, but I know that’s not possible.

*Deep breath* I can do this!